Stroop Chance - A4 size

Stroop Chance - A4 size

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From a window envelope you take out a laminated card that has the names of four different colours printed on it in different coloured inks. With this you show how it is possible to confuse three different spectators’ minds.

Each is asked to call out the colours of the ink of each word that they are printed in but despite no trickery on your part they repeatedly fail to identify some of the colours.

As an example they may call red as blue and yellow as green, for instance, if the ink is blue, they may say it is red. This creates much laughter and comments as many in the audience also fail to say the colours correctly.

You now show four boxes, bags or even socks each a different colour, as you explain this colour test has conditioned the three spectators’ minds in a way that you can control them.

Each spectator is asked to name a number from one through to four, let’s say they choose one, four and three leaving you with the number two. There is no force; they each have a free choice of number.

The back of the colour chart is now shown and each number indicates its own colour so the first spectator may get the red bag, box or sock, the second the green and the third the yellow – in this example you get to keep the last colour blue.

Each spectator opens their coloured item to find a small prize, finally you open yours and it is full of lovely £10 notes!

Stroop Chance is suitable for both children & adults and the prizes can be altered to suit every occasion. For example three children get a lollipop or a few sweets while the birthday child gets a superb prize together with a birthday card.

Ken de Courcy used a coloured garter on his lovely assistant’s leg and tucked inside were banknotes! Or you are left with a coloured sock and when you lift both your trouser legs one leg is completely bare, while your other leg has a sock matching the colour of the one you are left with!

The cards and the boxes/bags/socks can all be examined at the end.

This is both a fun trick and a real baffler! We provide the laminated cards in two sizes A4 for stage size and A5 for smaller audiences.

Supply you own socks/boxes/bags, banknotes or coloured envelopes as they are not faked in any way! Very easy to do. Great for any audience, anywhere!

Sold in two sizes A5 for close up, parlour and small audiences and A4 for larger audiences.

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