Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss

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You show a pack of regular playing cards and one card is freely selected by a lady in your audience and then mixed back into the pack.

The lady is asked to blow a kiss in the direction of the pack and when this is spread backs uppermost one card is shown to have a kiss marked in lipstick on its back.

The lady names her freely chosen card and when the kiss marked card is turned face upwards it proves to be the very card she chose.

None of the other cards have any marks on their backs – but there is more.

Saying that the kiss from the attractive lady is wasted on the card you touch the kiss mark to your lips and then show the red kiss mark has now completely disappeared from the back of the card!

The regular pack of fifty-two cards can now be examined and used to present any of your regular card tricks using the unfaked deck.

In a further effect using a gentleman whose freely chosen card has been replaced and mixed into the pack, you ask him if he could identify his card by looking at the backs of the pack. He confirms that he could not do so. You explain that if he magically marked his freely chosen card with an invisible marking pen then this would make it possible.

The gentleman pretends to make an X mark over the back of the pack using an invisible pen, and then the cards are spread to show that one card (and only one) now has a large X marked on its back.

He names his freely chosen card and the X card is turned face up, it is the very card he has just named! Now you blow on the X to make it disappear and the pack is back to normal for your further magic to be performed with it.

Comes with the three gimmicks & instructions including TWELVE further effects. Use your own Bicycle pack (or with a little preparation any pack can be used.)

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