ESP Card Magic Vol. 9 - Werner Miller Routines Odd Bin item

ESP Card Magic Vol. 9 - Werner Miller Routines Odd Bin item

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1 in stock. This is the ninth in a series of DVDs dedicated to effects using classic ESP cards.

Werner Miller is certainly one of the most prolific creators regarding ESP cards. All these routines are self-working with no sleight-of-hand whatsoever.

ESP TWIZZLER: A symbol is selected and you find a duplicate in a packet of cards!

MEETING ONE'S MATCH: A card is selected. Two packets of cards are dealt at the same time and only two symbols match and they also match the selection!

QUAD-CUT VARIATIONS: A beautiful routine (totally impromptu) where you and the spectator find five matching symbols from a shuffled deck!

AEOLIS PRELUDE: Using a compass you find five different symbols in a deck of ESP cards!

DOUBLE PROOF: A prediction or a comedy prediction, ends up finding the matching symbol of a selected card!

DOUBLE-DECKER: Two duplicates of a selected symbol appear between three face-up cards!

FLIPDOODLE III: A fantastic routine where a spectator shuffles the deck and at the end four matching symbols are the only reversed cards and they match a previously selected card!

AROUND THE CLOCK: A card is selected and you deal the other cards in pairs in the shape of a clock. You predicted the 'hour' (10 to 5 for example) and you take the two pairs at that hour. The two pairs match and the symbols are matching the selection!

PENTAFLUSH: A spectator is able to pick five matching symbols from a deck of ESP cards!

POSITION OF TROST: A fantastic routine with multiple matching pairs. A 'closer' for any ESP card act!

Running time approximately 34 minutes. 1 in stock.

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