Colour Blind - Mr E

Colour Blind - Mr E

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Colour Blind is a fascinating demonstration of “Eyeless Vision” or seeing colours in your MIND and incorporating an incredible prediction climax!

With a gentleman from the audience to assist, you show four sealed envelopes which are shuffled and then while your back is turned to the proceedings the spectator takes them one by one and places each of them individually into his different pockets.

Donning a blindfold you ask the volunteer to remove one of the envelopes and to hold it up, you then say, “If you open that envelope sir you will find it contains a laminated plaque and I sense the colour is BLUE!”

The spectator opens the envelope to show that indeed hold a plaque of the very colour you named. This is now repeated twice more with other envelopes, you revealing that one contains a RED plaque and the third one a GREEN plaque. (Colours may vary).

Only one envelope remains and you explain that it is now easy for you to reveal that this envelope contains a YELLOW plaque as this is the only remaining colour – so to make an applause winning climax to the effect you have also made a prediction that is inside this final envelope.

The envelope is opened and it does indeed contain the YELLOW plaque – and also your prediction that this will be the final colour! A sure-fire applause pulling climax.

•Please note only one prediction is used in one envelope.
•Envelopes are perfectly ordinary and not faked in any way.
•Coloured plaques are also ordinary & free of special preparation.
•Everything can be examined. No extra coloured plaques are used in the effect which is also very easy to do.

Comes complete with unfaked envelopes, plaques & instructions. Use your own blindfold.
Colour Blind can also be performed without a blindfold if you so wish.

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