Great Eyeless Vision Act

Great Eyeless Vision Act

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View a video here

View a video here

Now updated to include the incredible Kuda Bux act!

This classic effect is seldom seen these days – but when it is done properly it creates a sensation with any audience. You can present it as “Eyeless Vision”, “X-Ray Eyes”, “Seeing with your fingertips” or simply another extension of your ESP and psychic abilities!

In this correctly explained master version, Eddie Burke holds nothing back – revealing the true and correct methods that you can feature in your show either as a magician, mentalist or ‘The Man with X-Ray Eyes’.

There are many opportunities simply begging for a performer who can present this in cabaret, after dinner functions, close-up, and stage or at outdoor events such as carnivals and sporting events.

Imagine, two large coins are taped onto your closed eyes by several lengths of opaque sticky tape.

Further tapes are stuck across both your eyes and under your nose to make sure that you cannot see downwards.

Finally, an examined black blindfold is secured over the top of everything.

And yet you can see clearly to enable you to perform a bewildering variety of exciting tests, including: Revealing the names of freely selected playing cards, describing objects taken from the audience’s own pockets, wallets and handbags and held in their own hands, duplicating drawings, spectators’ signatures, words, number and letters freely drawn by audience members, identifying colours, coins and banknotes, dates, clothing and just about any test that the audience can set you!

You can even drive a car or ride a motorbike wearing a blindfold as a great publicity stunt. Ideal for fetes, galas and leading a big parade!

Exclusive 25-page A4 sized booklet. Use your own easily purchased sticky tape coins, pads & your own unfaked blindfold.

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