Party Fun

Party Fun

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A wonderful trick for your children’s show! Ideal for schools, parties and similar occasions. Parents & teachers love it.

The cards supplied are laminated for long life and easy working so that you will have nothing to worry about when performing it.

Three large cards (approx 5.75 inches by 7.75 inches) are shown fully back and front, each has a colourful picture relating to a birthday or Christmas party.

When you displayed them the children will love calling out the pictures as you show each one. The first is a party cake, the second a colourful wrapped parcel and the third is an ice cream cornet. The cards are placed one by one into a simple unfaked and shown empty folder.

Offering to check the children’s memory you take out the cake. Next you remove the wrapped present. Only one picture is left in the folder and you ask them to call out what it is – they all call “ICE CREAM” you now encourage them all to say a magic word and then you claim that the Ice Cream Cone has vanished.

The children however want to see for themselves what’s inside the folder. You open the folder and show the Ice Cream is missing – instead in big bold letters on a card are the words ‘Ice Cream – You Scream’, whatever can it mean?

All becomes clear when you show the other side of the card which in bold colourful letters contains the words ‘Happy Birthday’ every one now screams out “Happy Birthday!” to the birthday child which naturally leads into singing the birthday song as a superb climax to an entertaining effect.

Also supplied is an extra climax card that says Merry Christmas instead of Happy Birthday. We have designed the effect to cut out the usual sucker element and instead emphasising the magic without losing any of the fun and mystery so your young audiences will really enjoy this presentation and you will use it often.

Plays BIG but takes up no room in your bag. Instant reset and you could carry it in your pocket.

A bargain at the price comes complete with the laminated colourful cards, simple folder, suggested routine & full instructions.

Why not get yours today & feature it in your next show!

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