Haunted DVD

Haunted DVD

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The hands off, no touches, no thread work, fully examinable Haunted Deck you will REALLY use from Peter Eggink.

Any time in your performance with a normal unprepared deck of playing cards a spectator shuffles then cuts to a genuine random card (signed if you want).

You place the card back into the deck which goes onto the table or floor.

She can even cut the deck again and complete the cut so that she's the last person to touch the deck before the haunting starts...

The deck is sitting face down in the middle of the table. There is no secret stuff connected between you and the deck or the table.

You can even put a clear bowl over the deck to completely seal it off from outside influences.

And yet while you're completely away from the deck, after about seven seconds the upper half of the deck ever so slowly begins to MOVE, slowly, hauntingly, sliding itself cutting into two halves!

The spectator slides out the card just cut to. It's the one! And if she has the urge she can once again examine the normal deck. Then whenever you feel the spirit you can do it again.

Haunted is always ready to perform. No loops or thread work, normal deck can be examined before & after. Perform surrounded in all conditions! All natural actions, no secret moves. Very, very easy to do.

Note: Includes Mark Traversoni's BONUS haunted handling. (PDF download)

Comes with two gimmicks & DVD. Use your own pack of playing cards.

"Overall, I like this trick...it’s great to be able to make a deck cut itself with no movement on your part. And if the deck is isolated under a glass bowl, the effect is that much stronger." Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion.

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