Dream Holiday - Mre

Dream Holiday - Mre

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An exciting mind reading concept properly explained by Eddie Burke, together with an entertaining routine!

Eddie’s fantastic routine as performed for a corporate show: “Before tonight’s show I requested your president’s wife to join with me in an experiment in ESP. In complete secrecy she has kindly prepared three envelopes concerning the details of a dream holiday. She herself has written the name of her planned dream destination, the cost of the holiday and who, besides her husband, she would like to take that holiday with.

"Each detail she has written onto three sheets of paper that she has sealed inside three envelopes. The paper and envelopes that your president provided are now in his wife’s possession.

"Madam president, would you kindly step forward and verify that every word I say is true! Furthermore, would you confirm those envelopes have been in your sole possession at all time and even further that I have not touched any of those items since you folded and sealed the papers inside!” The lady who has agreed to participate in your ESP demonstration confirms everything.

You now have the lady pass the envelopes to various audience members so that they can see for themselves that the three envelopes with the folded papers inside are completely opaque.

The envelopes are mixed and the lady opens any one of them – removes the paper inside without allowing anyone to see what she has earlier written upon it. She concentrates on the item.

You take up an A4 artist’s pad and a broad-tipped marking pen and then write or draw something onto it. The lady announces what aspect of the holiday she has been concentrating on – you show that you have written this on your pad.

Using advanced ESP techniques, the next two envelopes contents are revealed without the envelopes being opened until after your revelations.

A truly remarkable effect! Note the following points: Very easy to do. No clipboards or impressions are used & nothing is faked.

All is fully explained in our 12-page, Mr. 'E' Booklet.

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