Don't Panic!

Don't Panic!

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“Did you know that Jonesey of Dad’s Army used to do card tricks? I’ll show you his very favourite effect!”

A playing card is selected, and in your best Jonesey way you attempt to read the spectator's mind, but you fail. “Don’t panic!” You remove a ‘Don’t Panic card’.

"This tells me that your card was the Two of Spades". The Don’t Panic card is turned over to show the Two of Spades. Wrong!

"Don’t panic, then your card must be the Seven of Hearts". The Don’t Panic card is unfolded to show the Seven of Hearts. Wrong again.

"Don’t panic, was it a black card"? No. "I see, that means your card must be one of these!” It is unfolded to show all 52 cards. “Don’t panic, do you see your card? You do! Which one was yours? the King of Diamonds?

Don’t panic, why didn’t you say so in the first place? I have it here!”

The Don’t Panic Card is unfolded to 7" x 10½” to show the King of Diamonds!

Don’t Panic card will fit into your back pocket or wallet, all ready for the fun to start. Printed in full colour on good quality white card.

Comes complete with the comedy routine & instructions. Use any pack of playing cards.

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