Rubber Plucked Chicken

Rubber Plucked Chicken

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As seen in the recent Churchill Insurance commercial!

She does card tricks! She reads minds! She juggles eggs!

Well the truth is she does NONE of those things but it sounds better than saying she is a dead plucked rubber chicken that does nothing at all.

By the way she is about 23 inches or 58 cm long for those of you that know how to measure things in cms because I don't; I'm only just coming to terms with inches.

Hey I have just thought what she can do - she can make audiences laugh out loud when you produce her out of some prop or other, such as a classic Dove Pan.

Eddie used to produce a dozen (plastic) eggs from a Wunder Villa tube and then produce the chicken while he quipped "And here is the plastic hen that laid the plastic eggs!"

That really fooled people - nobody ever realised she was really made of rubber!

Don't like it - too clever huh - don't like to tell untruths, well maybe you will come up with something better; Tommy Cooper did when he pulled a string of lighted bulbs from the chickens rear end, "She's a battery hen!" I wish I had thought of that then maybe I would have been famous too?

We also sell the plastic eggs but you will have to make your own lights; Our price for the Rubber Plucked Chicken is just:

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