Clown Who Nose - A5 jumbo Size

Clown Who Nose - A5 jumbo Size

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A delightful story of Joey a red-nosed clown whose nose turned BLUE with the cold, so we were asked to help to change his nose back to RED again.

Everyone rubbed their palms together to generate enough heat to warm the clown up and then blew the heat towards Joey. The combination of the hand rubbing and the heat of everyone’s breath should have done the trick but I am sorry to say it didn’t – Joey the clown’s nose turned WHITE with fright!

Never mind, if at first you don’t succeed suck a lemon- no that’s wrong, it’s try, try, try again – so we all tried again but this time we used our invisible paint brushes and took some red from our clothing and then flicking the paint towards Joey the clown.

Oh dear it didn’t work, Joey’s nose was still white – but now the magician had a red clown’s nose on his face and made us all laugh a lot!

One last try after all we did say try, try, try again and that’s three lots of tries. This time we tried by magic. The magician took off the sponge red nose from his face and made it disappear, no one had a clue to where it went so we all searched our pockets but it was nowhere to be found. So we all said “Abracadabra”.

And all’s well that ends well for when we next looked at Joey the clown’s picture he had a lovely RED nose, so we all clapped a lot because our magic had worked.

The magician didn’t use any double sided pictures ‘cause we all know that one where he just turns the picture around; so we hadn't any clues to know how it was done, it must have been real magic and we all enjoyed ourselves very much!

Comes complete with the laminated clown pictures, special window envelope, clown’s red sponge nose & instructions.

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