Colourful Selection

Colourful Selection

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Here is a colourful version of the popular Just Chance effect that has to be the most direct & easiest method ever!

Just Chance is one of the more popular of effects both with magicians, mentalists and audiences worldwide. Colour Selection has to be one of the easiest and best versions of this trick yet! Suitable for your cabaret, stage or close-up work and the method while easy to do is baffling to the extreme.

Three different coloured envelopes are freely shown both front and back, they can even be passed for examination. No extra gimmicks are used.

Two spectators each select one of the coloured envelopes leaving the last discarded colour for you. They can change the minds as often as they wish, positively no force!

The spectators themselves take out a sheet of paper from their freely chosen envelopes which they unfold to show a hard luck message or (if you prefer) a small prize such as a lottery ticket.

You then remove a similar sheet of paper from your envelope which when you unfold it (or allow a spectator to do so on your behalf) proves to contain several high-value banknotes!

*No gimmicked papers.
*No double or pocket envelopes.
*Nothing is secretly added as in other methods!
*Only three coloured envelopes are used – no exchange.
*Very easy to do requiring no skill save the skill of presentation.
*Banknotes genuinely come out of the envelope that you are left with!

Comes complete with coloured envelopes, papers (which can be used again & again) & instructions. Envelope colours may vary from those shown in the picture.

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