Jelly Bean Snake Can - New Way

Jelly Bean Snake Can - New Way

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You've just finished one of your tricks for children at a birthday party. You offer some "Jelly Beans" to the youngster who just assisted you as a reward for being a great assistant.

The assistant looks at you like you're mad. "Snakes will come out if I open it!" he thinks.

So you open it and, much to his surprise, the can appears to be full of jelly beans! You take a couple of pieces and casually close the can.

Then another assistant is offered the same reward. That assistant is still a little hesitant, so you open it again. Wow jelly beans galore! You enjoy a couple more and get back to performing.

A while goes by and you offer the third assistant a reward, he opens the can, BAM! Snakes jump from the can, everyone laughs and tries to figure out how you did it!

Alternatively you can open the can for the snakes to jump out - the joke is then on YOU!

A terrific NEW twist on an old gag!

Comes with the Jelly Bean can, approx 7" high & 2" wide, two snakes (1" x 8") and instruction sheet.

Note: Jelly beans not included.

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