Ice Scream - Mre

Ice Scream - Mre

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A marvellous trick to feature in your children’s shows and with lots of lovely excited screams, fun & audience participation!

“The magic man told us children a story about when he purchased some ice-cream cornets at the seaside and Willie the Wasp tried to eat them! He showed us pictures of the ice-cream cornets one at a time.

“Suddenly as the magic man counted them Willie the Wasp suddenly turned up like wasps do, so we all screamed eeeeeeee! This seemed to frighten the magic man as he started running about looking where Willie the Wasp was.

Soon he saw the Willie Wasp’s picture so he hit it with his rolled-up newspaper and put him safely in his pocket – but Willie was not happy there and soon we were screaming as he magicked back again!

“This kept happening for four times I think, it was great fun but a little scary! Willie the Wasp kept being put away and reappearing and then we all screamed until the magic man found him again and put him away.

“Mr Magic got fed up of Willie the Wasp spoiling his show but we really enjoyed ourselves, so Mr Magic put his ice-cream pictures away but when he turned around to do so we all screamed again! As Willie the Wasp was now on the magic man’s back where he couldn’t see him! Gosh! He kept twisting around trying to find him while we screamed where Willie was lots of times until Mr Magic did find him.

Then we gave clever Willie the Wasp a big clap so he would behave himself! It was ever so funny and made us laugh and laugh at the magic!”

Based on our popular item Haunted Teddies, Ice Scream is ideal for garden parties & all children’s events. Comes complete with A6 size (approx. 100 x 140mm) jumbo laminated cards & full routine.

Note: the method used in Ice Scream is totally different to our Recurring Fly trick, both effects however are very easy to do and you will love performing them! 

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