Jumping Rose

Jumping Rose

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A wonderful comedy item to help you break the ice with even the most difficult audiences! Jumping Rose is also a great opening 'quickie'.

The performer enters and stands facing the audience. He points towards a beautiful red rose fixed at the top of the left breast pocket of his jacket.

He takes the flower in his hand, throws it towards audience but the flower instantly returns to the top of the left breast pocket of his jacket!

Eddie takes the flower from his jacket and covers it with his handkerchief, flicking the handkerchief away and showing it empty - the flower has vanished that is until the audience realise the flower is back in his top pocket once more!

Or attach it as a decoration on your hat from where you take it only for it to fly back to your hat again.

This is a great gag to perform anywhere and at anytime in your act. Very easy to learn. Guaranteed laughs!

Comes complete with Jumping red Rose & instructions.

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