Adair's Chance It

Adair's Chance It

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Ian Adair is without question the undisputed master of Just Chance or Banknight style effects, but even he has exceeded himself with his latest release Chance It.

Adair shows three differently coloured folders and asks spectators to pick any two.

When the spectators' folders are opened, inside are just folded paper slips. When the last remaining folder left for Adair is opened, inside is some lovely money!

The folders are clever switching devices, like a Swap Wallet or Himber Wallet, and can be put to use for countless other tricks including one for your children's shows.

Any denomination banknote can be used.

Comes with the set of three special, PVC folders (3" x 5", 7.62cm x 12.7cm) colours may vary from the ones shown, clips and instructions detailing many routines for their use.

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