Spirit Cards - Mr E A5 Parlour size

Spirit Cards - Mr E A5 Parlour size

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An entertaining comedy-style routine during which you accurately reveal the name of any freely thought of playing card selected by a member of your audience!

A spectator simply thinks of any card in the pack, this is a perfectly free choice and no actual playing cards are used at any time during this amusing & entertaining effect!
Using your special set of “Spirit Cards” to reveal their freely thought of selection it is entertainment all the way, special test cards, a comedy NO card, a classic 52-cards-on-one and also an Exactly the Same card put in unexpected appearances to everyone’s amusement.
Finally you call upon the “spirits” to reveal the spectator’s merely thought of card, however the wrong kind of spirits arrive and, even stranger, you are now able to correctly reveal the exact card the spectator merely thought of in any way you wish!
This unusual comedy effect is both strong and the perfect ice-breaker at any kind of event. The final revelation of a card merely thought of will baffle everyone! Remember:
*No actual playing cards are used
*Can be performed anywhere – anytime
*No cards are forced (honest!)
*Very easy to do.

The ideal answer when someone challenges you to reveal the card they are merely thinking!

Comes complete with the special apparatus & full easy to perform routine! Available in three sizes; A6 Pocket close-up/table hopping, A5 Jumbo parlour/small stage & A4 Giant for those larger venues.

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