Mental Numbers (Reg King) - Mre

Mental Numbers (Reg King) - Mre

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This was a feature effect with Reg King, and I first saw him perform it at the Mercian Mystics Society in Stoke-on-Trent in the early 1950’s.

Reg placed a large envelope in full view and then he asked various spectators to help him to form a large number, the individual digits of which they whispered to him, and he wrote down on a pad, letting the spectator’s check that he was indeed written down the digits that they had given to him. He ended up with a long six-digit number. The pad was passed to a spectator without any exchange or similar business, the six-digit number written was the number used.

An ordinary large die was now tossed and the number uppermost on the die multiplied by the six-digit number – again there was no force. (In those days the number was multiplied by hand – today it would be easily done with a calculator).

Finally a large number had been arrived at and announced aloud by the spectator. The prediction envelope was opened and proved to be a nest of envelopes. In the smallest envelope was a folded sheet of paper – much to everyone’s amazement clearly written on the paper was the exact number that had just been called out!

Truly spectacular predictions effect that is miles beyond anything similar before or since!
Please note the following important points:
·No carbon paper, NCR or impressions of any kind used.
·Can also be presented as a direct mindreading effect rather than as a prediction. No stooges. This is a one-person presentation.
·Only ordinary paper and envelopes are used.
·Number changes with each performance.
·Requires showmanship to present it – but easy-to-do!

Since writing this booklet I have added a few extra ideas:

Instead of collecting numbers from the audience a banknote is borrowed from a spectator and the numbers called off to enter into the spectators calculator and the effect proceeds from there thus speeding up the procedure.

An improved prediction method has been added big enough for the largest stage; or small enough for more intimate performances.

Instead of a real die an imaginary invisible die can be used for extra fun and no small die to carry.

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