Add a Number Memo Pad

Add a Number Memo Pad

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An innocent-looking memo pad that can be carried in your pocket & used for the famous Add a Number mental effect!

This really is what it appears to be, a simple memorandum pad that you might find in stationers worldwide and yet you can carry it in your pocket to produce one of the most devastating effects in Mentalism!
You introduce a written prediction which is left in full view. Three or four spectators are asked to think of a three or four-digit number & print them one under the other on the first page of an ordinary memo book.

Another spectator totals the sum thus created and calls the answer out loud for all to hear, let’s say it is 7,849, and please note: the total is always different every time you perform this sensational effect.

Anyone opens your prediction which has been in full view since the start and there in bold black print for all to see it reads 7,849 – the exact total of the spectators’ freely chosen numbers!

Many props & gimmicks have been produced over the years to bring about this classic trick, some use magnets, others special wooden or leather holders for the pad but this has to be the easiest and simplest method ever and using a normal unfaked memorandum pad.
Eddie experimented with many different note pads for years before he found the perfect one to use.

The method is straight forward and easy to do anywhere – anytime & you will be delighted at the simplicity of the subtle methods employed.

Comes complete with the pocket sized memo (4.25” x 3”) & instructions.

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