Horse & Jockey - Mr E

Horse & Jockey - Mr E

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Just remade and now better than ever with improved numbering on the cards at the top left and bottom right corners, as per regular playing cards.

Horse & Jockey is a great prediction effect in which the entire audience can participate!
You have eight laminated picture cards each of a racehorse & jockey together with a different number printed upon each of them.

The audience can shuffle the eight cards together to their hearts’ content.

Both you and the entire audience secretly write out your betting slips as to the Winner and the Second horse in your proposed race and your slip is folded and placed in full view. Please note you never touch this folded slip again.

Following the audience’s instructions you allow them to determine the order of the cards as the race is run. A winner and a second are declared, lots of fun here as everyone checks their betting slips to see how they have done!

Your betting slip is also opened by any member of the audience and not only have you correctly predicted the winning horse together with the horse that came second, but if you wish you can also have correctly predicted the position of every single horse in the race!

Fun, mystery and audience participation! Magic and mentalism! - It is all here in this exciting effect. No fake or extra cards are used. No switch of cards. The race results are different each and every time you perform it. No get-ready is required just take the cards out of your wallet or briefcase and you are all ready to perform!

Supplied complete with the attractive pocket size laminated colourful round cornered race cards (approx 7 x 10.5 cm) & full instructions.

Easy to do!

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