Question & Answer Act

Question & Answer Act

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From Anna Eva Fay, Erik Jan Hanussen, Dunninger and The Amazing Kreskin The Question & Answer Act has been an attention-getter. Have you ever wanted to appear to do the impossible? To utterly confound and bewilder your audience with a sensational display of apparent psychic power and incredible ESP? Have you ever wanted to demonstrate some unusual and inexplicable mind power that appears so genuine that people accept it as the real thing? Then you should be featuring The Question & Answer Act!

Ordinary slips of paper or cards are passed out to the audience onto which the spectators are asked to write any question and sign their initials or names. The questions are folded and/or sealed in envelopes. Depending on the presentation you prefer, these can then be collected or left in full view of the audience. Immediately you begin to call actual names of the audience members and giving a psychic answer to their secret question.

Nothing in mentalism can even come close to the sensation effect this will have on your audience.

Eddie Burke reveals all the leading methods of the past & present to perform this outstanding effect. He draws on the work of such famous names as Karrell Fox, Bob Harbin, Burling “Volta” Hull, Washington Irving Bishop & many others, as well as giving his own TWO favourite methods and routines.

Not only is The Question & Answer Act one of the greatest stage & cabaret acts ever but also some of the secrets in this book will enable you to give wonderful private readings to fee paying clients in your own home or at psychic parties and psychic fayres. The Question & Answer Act is a reputation builder of the highest order!

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