Football Boy

Football Boy

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Most children love football and Football Boy will have instant appeal with both the boys and girls in your audience!

You tell the children an appealing story about a young boy who lives in a house near to you and you often see him through the window of his home wearing his football strip.

Some days he is in his Red football shirt and yellow shorts when he is playing for his School football team. On other days he is dressed in his Blue football shirt and yellow shorts and then you know he is playing in his village team.

What you find really amazing is that he is able to change from one colour shirt to the other colour shirt almost as if by magic!

“Now there’s an idea boys and girls, shall we say a magic word and see if we can make his red shirt turn into his blue one? Everybody say the magic words ‘Up for the cup’ and look everyone he has changed his shirt instantly from red to blue. I know let’s change his shirt back again with the magic words ‘Up for the cup’ and wow he is now back in the red shirt again; how does he do it so quickly?!”

The children will not be slow in telling you that you just turned the picture & what follows is all the fun of the turn it around situation with you turning the picture around every which way without showing the back. The children will have none of this and insist on seeing the back but they are in for a big applause-pulling surprise.

When you do turn the picture around it is not another boy on the reverse side as they suspected but a picture of the giant Gold Cup that the boy’s Football team won at their last match...let us all give them three big cheers!

Comes with the laminated picture cards, 8.25” x 5.5” (20cm x 14cm), the special C5 changing envelope & instructions.

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