Eternal Rings

Eternal Rings

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Eternal Rings is a delightful effect that is suitable for both children and adults.

You show six separate different coloured woven rope loops and drop them into a change bag.

When they are removed, they are all linked together into a chain.

Drop them back in the bag and they have all blended into one big multi-coloured loop!

You can use this lovely set of rings as a straight forward magical effect and with children you can have a great deal of magical fun with the colours etc.

Ideal with small children who can hold the rings, drop them into your change bag and so forth. We also include a Gospel Presentation that your audiences will love!

Amazingly simple and colourful magic that anyone can do.
Includes six separate woven rope loops, a chain of six loops, and one large multi-coloured loop.

We have a variety of suitable Change bags on our website which are of course sold sold separately, or use any suitable changing apparatus they you may already own.

Comes complete with a set of Eternal Rings & instructions.

Only £14.99

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