Twenty-First Century Telepathy

Twenty-First Century Telepathy

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Ted Annemann sold the secret of his Fourth Dimensional Telepathy in the 1930s for about $10.00, later in the 1960s Eddie Clever published his version of this classic.

Eddie Burke made a few changes and featured it in his shows at theatres, cabaret venues and even close-up. At last this stunning professional routine is published so that you can include it in your own shows!

Please be aware: A certain amount of showmanship is required to present this act which is based upon tried and tested principles of magic.

The effect is however easy to do and requires no sleight of hand or similar. There is no one ahead, no carbon or other means of copying what spectators write down. Only ordinary items are used which can be obtained from most stationers.

The effect: The line of patter is based upon a suggestion by Ted Annemann and three spectators take part. Two of them write certain information upon blank pieces of card and the third makes a simple drawing on his.

You as the mentalist successfully reveal the information written by the first two participants; then the performer stands back to back with the gentleman who made the drawing, each holding an artist’s drawing pad and a black felt tipped pen.

Both draw on their pads at the same time; the participant redrawing his earlier sketch and you exactly reproduce it on yours – a miracle climax to an exciting and truly bewildering mental effect!

Remember: No one ahead – each written card can be freely returned BEFORE you deal with the next one. No stooges. No advance information or pre-show work required! No chemicals used & no complicated set-up.

All is revealed in our 9-page A4 size Mr 'E' illustrated booklet!

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