Kola's Repeat Straw Trick

Kola's Repeat Straw Trick

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Here is a classic that is one of the best pocket & parlour tricks ever!

You show an ordinary plastic drinking straw and a long piece of string, inserting one end of the string into the end of the straw you suck it through so that the two ends of the string can be seen protruding from the straw.

Bend the straw in halves and have anyone cut out its middle piece with an ordinary pair of scissors.

The two cut ends of the straw are displayed and it is obvious to all that the string is now in two pieces. Place the straw ends together, say the magic words and then ask any spectator to pull the string out of the straw – amazingly it is restored into one long piece which can be freely examined.

Now immediately repeat the effect taking half of the same cut straw, rethreading the string and cutting through the straw then when the spectator removes the string he will be amazed to find it is still in one uncut piece!

Use any straw, we supply six plastic ones, a length of string get you started & instructions. Easy to do.

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