Resistance Secrets Explained!

Resistance Secrets Explained!

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Here is a complete account of one of the most amazing shows the author Eddie Burke ever had the pleasure of seeing. ‘Maskar The White Yogi’ was a featured attraction on Blackpool’s Golden Mile.

Maskar’s amazing performance of ‘Resistance Secrets’ made such a profound impression upon Eddie’s mind, that he could still recall this part of his show in detail after fifty years! With the assistance of the late Murray (Maskar’s manager), Eddie was able to reconstruct and present this act at many stage, cabaret, club and private functions throughout the years. Now he reveals these closely guarded secrets for the very first time.

Once you have read this fascinating booklet, in no time at all you will be able to:
·Resists all efforts of the four strongest men in the room to push you over, no matter how hard they try!
·With open palms holding an unfaked broom, the four spectators will be unable to push this down out of your hands – you seem to have super-human strength to resist their every effort.
·With just your forefingers touching, the strongest person cannot pull your hands apart.
·Mentally alter your weight a little at a time until it becomes almost impossible for the strongest man in the room to lift you from the ground – and yet a weakling can do so with ease.

You can present these easy-to-do tests yourself, or teach them to your lovely lady assistant as an extra feature in your show!

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