Circle of Mystery - New updated version

Circle of Mystery - New updated version

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Any spectator is given your prediction paper for safekeeping, which has been formed and sealed as a circular paper band with your written prediction inside it.

Random members of your audience now whisper single-digit numbers which are used to form a large six-digit number.

A spectator now rolls a regular examined unfaked die and the number freely settled upon (no force) is now used to multiply the six-digit number upon the pad resulting in yet another randomly formed large number.

Please note that this can also be done with an ordinary calculator or borrowed mobile telephone for speed of working.

Your prediction band of paper is now cut or torn open and it is seen that you have correctly predicted the EXACT total randomly formed by your audience!

Please note:
•The predicted number can be different each time you perform this really amazing Circle of Mystery.
•Prediction paper is given for safe keeping at the start of the effect and is not switched for another one.
•No confederates, special apparatus or add a number pad or similar switching items are used.
•You never see the freely tossed die number; indeed until the spectators announce it you don’t even know the final long number arrived at.
•We supply a sample prediction that can be copied or you can write your own paper prediction strips with a felt tip pen.
•Use your own pad, pen, die & calculator as nothing is faked in advance.

Highly recommended!

Comes with the clever secret so that you can start to perform Circle of Mystery straight away.

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