The Magic Hat - Rabbit model

The Magic Hat - Rabbit model

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People expect magicians to produce rabbits out of hats – now you can astound them with this entertaining routine!

The Magic Hat - Rabbits model as an effect that will make your audiences really sit up and take notice. It is ideal for children and family shows. Great for breaking the ice when table-hopping.

You show five laminated cards to have an upturned top hat and a magic wand on both sides. Let a child choose one, say a magic word and a comedy drawing of a rabbit magically appears.

The rabbit card is now replaced with the other four hats and you mix all five cards together face down.

Now you say that you will find the rabbit again by magic; you eliminate four cards by chance and turn the last one over but you are disappointed that all you receive is just a magic hat.

Where is the rabbit? Imagine your frustration and the audience’s delight when the child shows you the other four hat cards – each of which now has a cartoon rabbit picture on it!

•Only the five laminated cards are used – no extras.
•Everything can be examined at the finished – no fake cards.
•Very easy to do requiring no sleight of hand.
•Comical bunnies are eye-catching & everyone adores them.
•Routine leaves you plenty of room for comedy and fun.
•A6 size cards suitable for small audiences or close-up work.

The Magic Hat – Rabbits model comes complete with the five laminated cards that will last you for years, together with full instructions and the entertaining routine. You and your audiences will love it!

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