Associated Thoughts - Mr E

Associated Thoughts - Mr E

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Ideal for your close-up, walkabout or cabaret performances. A comprehensively stunning effect that is just so very easy to do!

Show two cards, one has a list of everyday items or ideas that can easily be visualised by your participants. Two members of the audience each mentally select a separate item from the list. They really do have a free choice – no force.

You now read out aloud a series of articles, from a second list, one of which they mentally associate with their selected item. Again they do or say nothing at all everything happens within the secrecy of their own mind.

Immediately you make two different statements to each of the participants and it becomes clear that you have successfully read both their minds!

This is a reputation making effect that you will perform often, as it is just so perplexing to both magicians and lay people alike.

Nothing else is used and nothing is written down. No fishing for information. You will be able to put this item to work straight away. Highly recommended.

Comes complete with two updated lists (4" x 6") and instructions.

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