Prediction X

Prediction X

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You place an envelope in full view, which you claim contains your prediction picture of a single playing card.

With the pack in their own hands, any spectator freely chooses a single playing card from a full and genuine pack of fifty-two cards – with the cards behind their own back.

Your prediction picture is shown and turns out to be just a gag! No it is NOT all the 52 cards on one sheet – this is something completely different!

When the groans have died down – you reveal the very card chosen in a truly incredible manner!

Please note:
*The spectator has a free choice of card – no force.
*We supply a standard pack of UK style cards but you can also use the USA Bicycle deck, as the cards are a standard pack.
*Perfect for walkabout, close-up or cabaret & automatically resets and a different card every time.
*Very easy to do yet totally baffling!

Built in comedy presentation – commercial mentalism at its best.

Only £9.95

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