Adair's Confusin' Cubes

Adair's Confusin' Cubes

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This is one of our favourite colourful comedy effects both for children and adults.

All ages fall for it and afterwards they can examine it to their hearts' content without a clue to the working.

Imagine secured on a rod with stoppers at both ends are three foam cubes, two yellow and one red.

The red cube, which is on the end, jumps from end to end, when covered with a hanky or passed behind your back.

Your audience are not impressed and some will tell you that you are just turning it around behind your back!

All right you say, "Where do you want it on the left or on the right?" "In the middle!" Your audience will reply.

"I never mentioned the flippin' middle!" You say. "I said on the left or on the right?" "In the middle" everyone calls with much laughter thinking they have caught you out!

"Hey diddle diddle - now it's in the middle!" You say. And sure enough the red cube is in the middle of the two yellow cubes!

All can be examined. An excellent prop for the children or adults' performer.

The rod is approximately 12" long with colourful bright cubes, large enough for your stage shows but easily fits into your magic case. Comes complete and ready to work with full instructions. Easy to do!

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