Half Die - Double Die close-up size

Half Die - Double Die close-up size

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A guaranteed laughter and mystery effect, as featured by the inimitable Tommy Cooper.

Six playing cards are placed face down in a row, then a volunteer throws a die a few times and stops on any number when happy.

The die is placed on top of one of the six cards as selected by the spectator and the other cards are removed.

The magician asks the participant to add up the selected number of the die and also the bottom number on its underside. Then exactly halve the total by dividing by two and the result will then be the value of the selected card.

The participant says the value will be three and a half to which you say, “There no such card as a three & a half– but if there were, this is what it would look like.” So saying the chosen card is turned over and amazingly it proves to be the Three & Half of Clubs.

The effect can be repeated with another spectator who is asked to double the die’s number and who then announces fourteen. In this case the card when revealed is the Fourteen of Diamonds to everyone amazement and surprise!

Comes with the special playing cards, die & instructions. Available in three different sizes, Close-up, Table-hopping Pro & Jumbo.

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