Vanishing Glass & Liquid - Squash

Vanishing Glass & Liquid - Squash

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You show a small shot glass and pour in some real liquid, I used to use a whisky bottle containing water.

Hold the glass on the palm of your left hand and cover it with your right hand.

Squash and the glass and liquid has completely vanished!

They can examine your hands and up your sleeves but there is no trace of the glass of liquid.

Reach behind your knee and take the glass from this (or any) point of your body and then drink the liquid.

The shot glass is made of plastic so there is no danger of breakage as with the old model.

The gimmick now supplied is also much improved making the effect easy to do and completely without risk. A reputation making effect comes with plastic shot glass (approx 2"; 5cm high) & instructions. Use your own liquid.

Limited supplies.

Only £3.25

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