Vanishing Mental Choice

Vanishing Mental Choice

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A spectator mentally selects any playing card from a few shown in a picture and amazingly the MENTALLY & freely selected card disappears from the picture and reappears in the performer’s pocket!

Picture can be examined both before & after the chosen card vanishes.

Here is an easy to do trick that is both entertaining and puzzling to your audience. From a window envelope you remove a picture showing five playing cards and anyone is asked to mentally select any of the cards.

Now you ask the spectator to make their mind a blank for a moment and then again think of their freely mentally selected card. You again show the picture but now there are only four cards displayed; for the first time the spectator names their freely chosen card and it is clear to everyone that the card so named has now vanished from the picture.

The spectator may now reach into the performer’s pocket and removes the single playing card that they find there - it proves to be the very card they were merely thinking about!

Use your own regular playing cards for the reproduction from your pocket. Comes with the pictures (A5 size so big enough to be seen by everyone), envelope plus instructions.

Can be reset immediately when table-hopping or similar. The picture can be freely handled & examined by the audience both before & after the effect. Very easy to do!

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