Just That - Signed

Just That - Signed

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The magician lays a prediction card face down upon a table or the spectator's hand and then a spectator chooses a card from the deck.

The magician then shows that on his prediction card are all the cards of the deck, even the chosen one, thus by conjurers' logic the prediction is correct! The audience will laugh at the gag but the spectator is not impressed.

The magician then repeats the trick with another spectator but asks her to sign the back of the prediction card that has the 52 printed mini cards on its face.

This time, however, when he shows the face of the prediction card the selected card is the only mini card face downwards, turning the prediction card over the mini face of the selected card is now on the back of the prediction next to the spectator's signature!

Your prediction card can be left as a souvenir for the spectator to show her friends and tell them about the amazing trick that you fooled everyone with.

Comes with 24 prediction cards showing 51 mini faces and a mini back on one side; 12 with the five of clubs and 12 with the ten of hearts on the opposite side. One card with a normal back and all the 52 cards on its face & instructions.

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