Animal Snip

Animal Snip

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Here is an entertaining prediction effect suitable for both children and adults that has proven to be very popular in our own shows!

A prediction envelope is handed out to a member of your audience for safekeeping and they are requested to sit upon it until you instruct them later. You don’t touch it again.

You now show a long strip of card on which there is boldly printed a list of names of various animals, the card is blank on the opposite side.

You turn the blank side of the list towards the audience and run a pair of scissors up and down it until someone calls for you to, “Stop!” at which point you snip with the scissors straight across the list cutting it into two pieces.

Any audience member assembles the two parts of the list and shows, shall we say, that you have cut clean through the name SNAKE.

Your prediction envelope is opened by the spectator who pulls out your prediction and to everyone’s amazement this proves to be an A4 laminated picture of a snake cut into separate halves!

Everything; picture card, list, scissors and envelope can be left for examination without a clue to your mystery. The effect is suitable for both close-up, cabaret, stage and television and is also remarkable easy to do. Resets in a moment.

Comes with ten lists (approx 8 x 3.5”, 20.5 x 8.75cm), refills available at small cost, two A4 size prediction pictures, envelope & instructions. Use your own scissors.

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