Bunkin' Bunny - Mr E

Bunkin' Bunny - Mr E

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The perfect close-up and parlour effect for small children that fits into your pocket all ready to perform!

“What’s for supper Mrs Fox?”
“A lovely fat rabbit Mr Fox!”
“Sorry foxy folks, nice to have met you but I have got to be off now for my tea!” says Mr Rabbit.
“Stay around for dinner, please, Robbie Rabbit!” says Mrs Fox.

But Robbie Rabbit isn't having any of their foxy tricks & turns his back on the invitation disappearing in a FLASH, leaving two bewildered foxes & your equally bewildered audience as one moment he is there & next he is gone leaving those two hungry foxes eating only bread & cheese for their supper.

What about Robbie Rabbit? Well you can reproduce him from anywhere you like; in your pocket, behind a curtain or anywhere you choose safe & sound eating a nice juicy carrot for his supper!

Bunkin’ Bunny is a lovely pocket party trick. There are no secret pockets, double lifts, hiding the cards under cloths or anything similar to worry about.

The clever vanish is simple, straight forward and easy to do. Both sides of the cards are shown before and after the rabbit vanishes.

If you so wish you can have the three cards examined at the finish of the trick! Ideal for table-hopping, close-up, adults or children’s shows. Resets in a moment.

Comes with laminated cards (approx 5.5” x 4”, 14 x 10cm) & instructions.

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