Multiplying Coin Tray - Professional

Multiplying Coin Tray - Professional

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Making change was never so easy! With this clever prop, the magician can multiply the number of coins in a spectator's hand and no sleight of hand is used.

Simply slide the coins off the tray and the work is done. It's that easy!

Another routine is as follows: Six coins are counted out onto the tray and the spectator chooses one or more.

Across the room the other coins are poured into another spectator's hands and he holds them tightly.

Now you make the first spectator's coin vanish (using your favourite method; or see elsewhere on this website for ideas), and the second spectator opens their hands to find they have ALL six coins!

Comes with the quality-made special coin tray that is suitable for most UK & USA coins plus full instructions.
Easy to do! Limited supply available.

Only £14.99

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