Funny Prediction - Set of 2

Funny Prediction - Set of 2

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The magician asks a lady in the audience to choose a playing card, saying that he already has his prediction in his pocket.

After the card is chosen, he proudly shows this prediction to the audience but it has the wrong card on it!

Embarrassed, he unfolds the prediction and shows that now upon it there is the back of a card. With a smile on his face he tells the audience that the prediction was not completely wrong because the back of the card is the same!

The audience starts laughing understanding that the magician is playing with them.

Next he unfolds the prediction again this time showing a large joker and says, “Don’t worry, I'm a professional magician, and I'm only joking!”

The audience keeps laughing along with the magician. But then all of a sudden he becomes serious, and says that he was not lying when he said that on his prediction there would have been the spectator's selection.

He unfolds the prediction once more and shows the image of 52 playing cards and points to the chosen one and again the audience laughs.

But just when everybody starts thinking that it is all a jest, the magician unfolds one final time his prediction, showing a giant image of the card chosen!

Comes with TWO sets of folding predictions, one finally predicts the Ten of Hearts and the other predicts the Seven of Diamonds & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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