Double Crossed Prediction - Mre

Double Crossed Prediction - Mre

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Based on a terrific Jon Racherbaumer trick, Double Crossed Prediction is a fantastic ESP style effect with a neat twist in its tail.

It is ideal for close-up, walkabout or for entertaining small groups, as it is always ready to perform.

Showing two sets of Zenner or ESP testing cards – one set of five cards are laid aside in full view as your prediction. The other set are shuffled and one card is selected and laid face downwards on a spectator’s palm.

The prediction set is now fanned out with their backs upwards – one card is discovered in the centre face upwards – this proves to be the Circle.

Calamity! When the card selected by the spectator is also turned face upwards it proves to be a ‘cross’ so you seem to have missed out completely.

However all is well for when you turn the other four prediction cards faces upwards, they form the word C R O S S – with the circle card as the centre ‘O’ – a wonderful novelty finish to a very clever ESP card effect!

No sleights are involved so you will be performing this straight away!

Comes complete and ready to perform with ten large cards & instructions.

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