A Murder is Solved - Mr E

A Murder is Solved - Mr E

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A murder is committed and two suspects are arrested but which one is the murderer and which the innocent bystander?

A spectator makes this decision and tells no one, what’s more he doesn't write anything down.

It’s an entirely free mental selection in his own mind.

A detective’s name Jane Marple to Hercule Poirot is secretly chosen by a second spectator.

A third spectator secretly chooses the weapon used to commit the foul deed.

Witnesses are called on both sides but this does little to solve the problem.

Suddenly you the performer adapts the manner of the chosen detective, sums up the evidence,and names the murder weapon.

You then goes on to correctly name the freely and mentally chosen murderer!

The effect can be played as big as you like for a stage performance or as small as you wish, perhaps when table-hopping.

The revelation of the freely chosen murderer could even be revealed over the telephone!

A Murder is Solved would make an interesting effect when speaking to a newspaper reporter or booker about your performances.

Very easy to do. Only simple everyday properties are used.

No skill is required. Fully explained in our 9-page A4 booklet.

Also available as a Download; please see elsewhere on this website.

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