Hot Rod Magic Pen

Hot Rod Magic Pen

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Hot Rod was first put onto the magic market by Marvillo who originally called it ‘Bomba Stick’ it is one of the best close-up effects of all time.

Rob Stiff has come up with a natural and ideal way of carrying in your pocket where it is ready to perform at all times.

You show a pen with different coloured spots on both sides.

You explain that this was designed by a jeweller so people could choose the colour of a stone for their ring or brooch etc.

A spectator freely selects a number from one to six and that spot is selected.

Instantly all the spots on the pen ON BOTH SIDES change to the selected one and then just as suddenly change back again!

Comes complete with Pen (length without top approx 5.5", 14cms) & instructions.

Only £9.99

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