A Flower For A Lady - Mr E

A Flower For A Lady - Mr E

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David Douglas’s ‘Flora-Mental’ based on a Ned Rutledge concept, is an outstanding effect in which you appear to project your thoughts into the minds of audience members!

However, for the ‘ham fisted’ or ‘close quarter work’ there are certain drawbacks and angle problems when you have to double-write numbers & palm billets.

NOW all these problems are eliminated in this stupendous presentation!

·A paper bag is left in full view of the audience and the performer never touches it or even goes near it again.
·Two audience members form a three-figure number in a very fair and open manner.
·A lady uses a number to select a flower from a long list of twenty blooms, which is in full view at all times. There is only one list used.
·When the lady herself opens the bag she removes the very same single stemmed flower or corsage that she previously selected.

There is more:
·At the bottom of the bag is the florist’s receipt that the lady opens and reads out aloud, it has that day’s date together with the amount paid for her flower i.e £1.65 – the very three-digit number formed earlier by the two gentleman!

Needless to say the lady takes away the blossom or corsage with your compliments. A sure-fire applause-pulling effect that is so very easy to do!

The ladies in your audience will love it and their escorts, partners and husbands will be equally impressed!

You can use the beautiful artificial flowers now available from many shops and florists, or a genuine flower as your give away. Give it to your host or the president’s wife and they will remember you forever!

A different flower will b chosen on repeat shows for the same group.

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special events and can be performed either close-up or in stand-up conditions, even surrounded.

This is a big feature reputation making effect for a very small outlay and is ideal for magicians, mentalists and mystery-style entertainers!

Comes with the full easy to do secret methods employed & props required. Use your own flowers (which you can easily obtain locally), pad/pen or calculator.

Only £19.99

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