Houdini's Card Mystery

Houdini's Card Mystery

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Houdini's Card Mystery is GREAT for Halloween and all occasions!

Early in his career Houdini described himself as the "King of Cards" if he were still alive today he would love this tribute trick to both him & his lovely wife Bess!

Two genuine pocket-sized pictures of both Harry and Bess Houdini are shown together with a pack of playing cards, which can be shuffled.

The playing cards are now dealt individually face down until someone calls stop and the Bess card is inserted in the deck at this point.

This is repeated for a second time and the Harry card is inserted in a different point indicated by a spectator. In this manner the two cards next to Harry & Bess are taken by two members of the audience.

Bess’s picture is now turned over to show a note signed by her which correctly reveals the name of the card next to her in the pack! Harry’s picture is also turned over and correctly names the card stopped at next to HIS picture!

An intriguing and chilling double prediction from beyond the grave!

However, if you have a blank faced pack (and we can supply one if you don’t) you can now let anyone turn the pack faces up and spread the cards out to show that Harry and Bess as the mystical Houdinis have caused all the faces of the pack to disappear!

We give you two sets of Harry & Bess pictures enabling you to repeat the trick with a different choice of cards for repeat performances or so that you may vary the choice when table-hopping.

We also suggest two different ways of presenting this baffling effect. You can use any deck of cards (even a borrowed one).

We also recommend a stunning additional climax using your own blank-faced pack. No sleight of hand required & is very easy to do.

Comes with four Houdini & Bess pictures (2.5” x 3.5”) & instructions.

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