Adair's Carrot Culprit

Adair's Carrot Culprit

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A fun effect for the little ones that fools grown-ups too!
The performer displays a jumbo sized card depicting a picture of a carrot that you claim you are saving to eat later and you slip it inside an empty envelope.

You secretly (but obviously to the audience) reverse this, so that when the card comes out it shows a picture of a well-nibbled carrot. Who has been secretly nibbling your carrot, was it one of the children? The children soon tell you that, "It’s on the other side of the card!"

When the children ask to see the other side you reverse it to show a picture of a bunny rabbit, busy nibbling and enjoying your carrot!

The envelope can now be shown empty or why not have a few spring flowers inside (not supplied) as an extra surprise

and an apology from the rabbit for scoffing your carrot!

Adair's Carrot Culprit is a nice easy to do trick that packs flat and plays BIG. Children love it! (And so do the grown-ups!)

Comes with the special card approx 5.5" x 7",full routine and instructions.

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