Jumbo Card Deck for Silk Production by Uday

Jumbo Card Deck for Silk Production by Uday

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This is a special Jumbo Card Deck for a colourful production of silks, ribbons or ropes etc from a jumbo card fan.

It is a wonderful accessory for introducing silks in a silk effect.

Pick up the jumbo pack and fan the cards out and then close them again as you patter, "Ladies and gentlemen I'll bet you think I am doing a card trick - well if you think that you are wrong, it's a trick with these colourful silk handkerchiefs and especially for the ladies!"

So saying you produce the silks, length of rope, ribbons etc from inside the cards and perform your effect.

Comes with the specially prepared Jumbo Card Deck and instructions. Use your own silks, ribbons and so forth.

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