Shoe Business by Scott Alexander & Puck Odd Bin Item

Shoe Business by Scott Alexander & Puck Odd Bin Item

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There's no business like Shoe Business! This is a well thought out routine that's been worked over & over again on real-world stages. Just combine a bottle of coloured water with a borrowed shoe and you now have several minutes of hilarious comedy without skimping on the marvellous magic!

Scott Alexander and Puck have been performing Shoe Business on cruise ships all around the World and it never ceases to generate big laughs while still getting great reactions to the magic!

You call the "Practical Joke Hotline" on speaker phone to teach the audience a funny gag but you make a mistake whilst following the instructions and inadvertently fill a spectator's shoe with a bottle of liquid!

This six minutes of comedy is virtually self-working as all you do is follow the audio instructions like the old Vanishing Bandanna Trick.

What makes Shoe Business so great is the tremendous amount of built in laughs as well as a surprise magical finish that really fools the audience.

A fresh and modern take on the " Magician in Trouble " premise.

Comes complete with written Script that includes Director's Notes, audio CD, performance DVD & special glass. 1 in stock.

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