Impromptu Book Tests

Impromptu Book Tests

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Here is a collection of eight subtle ‘Book Tests’ that you can perform at anytime to baffle and bamboozle your audiences.

All you require is a few ordinary books that are available in a private home, library, television or radio station, bookshop or even in the street. YOU ARE ALWAYS READY TO READ MINDS!

The eight winners fully explained inside are:
*Bold & Direct Book Test!
·Marvillo’s Measuring Tape Test.
·Simplicity Book Test.
·Satori’s Book Test.
·The Spine Method.
·Challenge Borrowed Book Test.
·The Famous Piddingtons’ Book Test.
·Dice Force.

None of the subtle methods used require special preparation or apparatus. In fact, most of them only need a few borrowed books and you are all ready to perform – anywhere at anytime.

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