Eight Cards Miracle

Eight Cards Miracle

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View a video here You introduce a small wallet (in the video a box is used) explaining to the spectators that it holds eight playing cards as a prediction.

From any deck of cards eight cards of the same suit, from Ace to eight, are withdrawn and shuffled.

A card is chosen by a spectator and turned face up without changing its original position.

The prediction cards are taken out of the wallet, spread out & to everyone’s surprise only one card is face up and it is the same card and same position as the spectator’s chosen card!

Furthermore the card is turned face down showing a different colour than the other seven.

The gimmicked cards are original great quality Bicycle cards and supplied with a practical wallet for the trick. A truly amazing effect that you will enjoy performing and do so often!

Comes with small wallet, prediction cards & instructions. Use your own regular deck from which you take the normal 8 cards.

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