Endless Coin Tray

Endless Coin Tray

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The magician shows a small tray with two coins on it, and says that the trick that he likes to do most is multiplying money.

He then picks up the tray and drops the two coins into his hand.

After a magical gesture, he opens his hand and shows how the two coins have now become four! But that’s not all, as the magician claims he is able to multiply the coins also in a spectator's hands.

So he proceeds to slide the four coins from the tray into a spectator's hands. After another magical gesture, the spectator is asked to open his hands & to everybody’s disbelief the four coins have now become EIGHT!

It's very easy to do and so funny! The special coin tray is also useful in many other coin routines. You can use £2 British Sterling coins, 10 pence sized coins, euros or dollars.

Comes with the wooden Tray (approx 14cm x 8.5cm x 1.5cm) & instructions.

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